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Global Resource Wars Are Coming:

• by James Burgess

This super-metal is the hottest commodity on the market right now—and it's NOT lithium.


It's a metal that early investors are eyeing as a massive opportunity.

Supply is already in deficit – and that's before the anticipated 500 percent increase in demand.

It's a metal that is critical to the future stock price of everything from Google, Apple, Tesla, Amazon, UPS and many more.

Welcome to the supply crisis that is all about Cobalt

Cobalt is a metal that few investors know much about – it is critical to the electric vehicle (EV) revolution because it makes up some 35% of the lithium-ion battery mix.

That's 30% of batteries that are the backbone of EVs, EVs that are now mainstream. To meet demand for EVs, billion-dollar battery gigafactories have been built and continue to be built. Consumer electronics are contributing to the demand and resulting shortage of supply.

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