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Trump: Touchstone, or Rorschach Test?


But I'd always disliked the Clintons, and after watching the Clinton Cash Film via Breitbart (it's still available to watch free here) I couldn't stomach the prospect of another Clinton administration. OK, still no reason to get excited about Trump, but I did start to listen to his speeches — even followed the presidential debates online, which I hadn't done in ages. I liked much of what he had to say. He began to intrigue me . . .

In the wake of the Podesta emails, I decided to remain neutral regarding Trump, held my nose and (not being a registered voter) pray for him to win, hoping for the best. Neutrality was impossible as far as the Clintons and their ilk were concerned — THANK GOD (I am not religious, but I DO believe in God) that corrupt gang are not in the White House! With a wait-and-see attitude, I've observed Trump and grown more and more pleasantly surprised by the man. He does not strike me as power hungry, or greedy despite his great wealth. He may seem a bit brash, but he speaks from the heart. His moves may seem inscrutable, but I get the impression that much (if not all) of what we see in the press and media is pure theater. His love for the American people seems heartfelt; his concern for the Western world (particularly America) is well founded, and he's undeniably a brilliant businessman. And he takes clever advantage of the buffoonish perceptions so many have of him. He effortlessly makes fools of those who obviously consider him a fool. Kathy Griffin, for example.

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