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After 130 Years, Scientists Might Have Just 'Rediscovered' an Eighth Wonder of The World

• by Bec Crew

After more than a century of being buried by a volcanic eruption, New Zealand's long-lost pink and white terraces might have finally been rediscovered under layers of ash and mud.

Once hailed as a natural wonder of the world, and the largest silica deposits of their kind on Earth, it was feared that these terraces were destroyed by the 1886 eruption of Mount Tarawera. But now researchers say they've located where they were buried, and suspect some of them have been preserved this whole time.

"They became the greatest tourist attraction in the Southern Hemisphere and the British empire, and shiploads of tourists made the dangerous visit down from the UK, Europe, and America to see them," one of the team, Rex Bunn, told The Guardian.

"But they were never surveyed by the government of the time, so there was no record of their latitude or longitude."

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