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Fire Your Doctor! How to Be Independently Healthy

• by Cesar Ramirez

I like it when he quotes all other authorities from both sides: M.D. that prescribe pharmaceutical medicine and N.D. quotes. His insight on such rich information is astonishing and really opens your eyes to what's happening in the health care industry.

Every one of us needs to take charge of your own healthcare and we need to educate our kids from a young age to do the same with their health care. Our next generation needs to know how to be healthy at an early age and teach them to trust their body's natural ways of healing. I have also read the book "The Gerson Therapy" with Charlotte Gerson (daughter of Max Gerson) and it was a great book to get a different perspective to the health care approach. Although I believe in the majority of their nutrition-based-healing, I still think that therapy is for only suited for the extremely cancer ill or terminal ill-related conditions.