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Lighter bullets, titanium machine guns and better armor for near future US soldiers

•, brian wang

There will be some exoskeletons but the advanced TALOS strength boosting hard exoskeleton will likely only be deployed for a few hundred special forces.

1. Bigger but lighter bullets effective out to 1200 meters instead of 300 meters

The US Army is testing new guns and ammunition to replace the M4/M16 assault rifles. The 5.56 mm ammunition is not as lethal the in the over 300 meter range where many modern firefights are taking place.

Textron Systems, a private defense industry company, conducted a caliber study using a specially designed .264 (6.5 mm) caliber cartridge which they said resulted in "terminal effects greater than 7.62 mm NATO out to 1,200 meters" in both their carbine and machine gun.

Data provided by the company showed the machine gun is 7 pounds lighter than the 7.62 mm M240L with 800 rounds of their lightweight ammunition, lowering the combat load by 27 pounds.

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