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"We Call Bullshit On The 'Bots Again!"

• by Global Macro Monitor

First, before we get into the trade, a little background.

We have posted about our experiences of being ripped off by these "so-called" trading 'bots, who prey and stalk the markets, looking to pick-off  traders through blatant market manipulation.   Flash crash, my arse.

We put on a short position in nattie Thursday night before driving back from Sacramento to the Bay Area. We checked the market at dinner and see its down about 1 percent, we feel happy and give high fives. Then we look at the position and we have none!

It was taken out (buy stop) as a Seek and Destroy Bot came in around around 9 pm, guns the market to the upside to take out all the buy stops of the short sellers, then turns around and guns it to the downside to destroy all sell stops of longs. Finally, moves the market back to where it was before all the nonsense began.  Not a bad day's work for the robot.  – GMM, January 2017

But, this is the doozy:

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