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5 Reasons you should NEVER use canola oil, even if its ORGANIC

•, by: Earl Garcia

Canola oil remains to be hugely appealing to consumers, and is still the most preferred cooking oil in the restaurant industry. The oil is also known for its apparent benefits that include smaller waist lines, a healthy heart, and a cleaner environment.

However, not many people know that canola oil may actually be detrimental to health. Canola plant is a hybridized version of rapeseed, which undergoes a variety of chemical processes before turning into the popular canola oil. Rapeseed oil was once popular for its industrial use, but consuming it was associated with a variety of health woes. Because it is a hybrid of rapeseed, canola oil may prove to be not a very healthy choice, after all.

In addition, the canola plant was one of the very first organisms that were genetically modified. This means that the canola plant might have been exposed to tremendous amounts of pesticides. In line with this, this article will cite a few reasons why canola oil might be problematic.

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