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Former Watergate Prosecutor Nailed


Despite his historic agreement on the limitation of nuclear warheads with Russia, his normalization of diplomatic and commercial relationships with China, his saving of the state of Israel, his de-segregation of the public schools and his generally progressive domestic policies, President Richard Nixon continues to  get nothing but "foaming- at- the mouth" irrational hatred of the left.

No place was this better demonstrated than my appearance on MSNBC's "The Point" with Ari Melber. I appeared with former Watergate Prosecutor Nick Ackerman, who ironically interviewed me at age 19 when I was working for the Committee to Re-Elect The President. Ackerman provided MSNBC with documents from the Watergate Special Prosecution Force which the network then promoted as "exclusive". In fact, the memo's Ackerman provided surrounding anti-war demonstrations at the Capitol Hill funeral for FBI Director for J. Edgar Hoover were fully reported in James Hougan's book Secret Agenda.

Incredibly, Ackerman's animus for Nixon is so great that he claimed that he was certain that if someone were to review all of the Oval Office tapes one would find that Richard Nixon both knew about and approved the Watergate break-in in advance. No scholar or historian has ever made such a claim because it is simply not true.

In fact, rmer White House Counsel John Dean claims that he had all of the Oval Office tapes transcribed at his own expense for the purposes of writing his last book "Nixon's Defense". Ironically, Dean himself would omit the transcripts of conversations he had with President Nixon on March 15, 16, 17 and 21. Dean omitted these because they put the famous March 23 "cancer on the Presidency" conversation with Nixon into perspective; Dean lied to Nixon about White House involvement in the Watergate break-in for almost 9 months and coached his client, Nixon, on how to perjure himself in the Watergate cover-up.

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