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Neurologist from Phoenix to be Charged for Exchanging Bitcoin

• by Ashour Iesho

In 2013, the U.S Treasury Department officially declared that exchanges and traders of digital currencies like Bitcoin are regarded as "money service businesses" and are subject to official regulations. Neurologist and gun-rights advocate Peter Steinmetz was charged by a grand jury for operating an unlicensed bitcoin exchange.

Steinmetz and Bitcoin

This isn't the first time that the brain scientist has appeared in the national news. In 2014, he was arrested while carrying a rifle at Phoenix International Airport during a gun-rights demonstration. Steinmetz was also featured in an article from the Arizona Republic, for an anonymous Bitcoin donation worth $10,000 to the Barrow Neurological Foundation which was used in order to fund Steinmetz' brain research project.

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Require a court of record. Require the plaintiff to take the oath/affirmation and get on the stand. Require the plaintiff to show how he was injured, and to show the injury. Require the witnesses and evidence. --- Oops. Can't do any of the above, because when you hire an attorney, you become a ward of the court. This means that anything you say doesn't have any meaning except that the judge and the attorney allow it. And, the attorney's first allegiance is to the court, not to you his client.