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Are You an -ist?

•, by L. Neil Smith

Does that mean that if I oppose the fascist policies of Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, I am a sexist? Does it mean that if I oppose the fascist policies of Congressman Barney Frank, then I'm homophobic?

No, it means that I oppose fascist policies regardless of the race, sex, or sexual preference of whoever happens to be promoting them.

It means that I'm an equal opportunity anti-fascist.

Fascism is a theory of political economy—a direct, lineal descendant of socialism—with a solid definition and hard edges. It was invented back in the 1920s by German theorists who realized that socialism—under which the government owns and operates the "means of production"—was and always would be a failure. Fascism was their attempt to get around that reality by creating the illusion that the means of production are owned by private individuals, while allowing the state to control them through regulation and collect the profits through taxation, leaving the "owners" to bear all of the burdens and liabilities.

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