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The Failure to Repeal Obamacare Is an Intellectual Failure

•, Jeffrey A. Tucker

 It was the most important issue of the entire 2016 election. Then the GOP gained control – House, Senate, Presidency – and what happened? So far, nothing. There is no agreement on what a replacement should look like. It is entirely possible that four years from now, nothing important will have changed.

Who or what is at fault? People blame partisanship, special interests, public opinion, plots, bad leadership, annoying lobbyists, feckless careerism, the Democrats, the moderates, the conservatives, the CBO, the insufferable media, and Trump's notorious lack of interest in the details of the legislative process. But really there is only one underlying source of failure: the failure to understand. 

A Real Market

The root reason why Obamacare will last the current regime is intellectual. We should take it for granted that everyone in this debate wants more, better, cheaper health care for all. The intellectual failure is a lack of clarity about how to get there.