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Trump's plan to put $50,000 in your pocket (wow!)


America is open for business again!

President Donald Trump just capped off his first six months in office with a SWEEPING plan to wipe out job-killing overregulation and boost productivity – and it's getting Americans back to work.

It's goal is to put $50,000 dollars into the pocket of the average American — and the plan has a catchy name that's already taking off.

#MAGAnomics is the Barack Obama-erasing liberal nightmare that destroys the economic shackles that have held us back. No longer will the nation's businesses be stopped from expanding and hiring.

"It's our version of Reaganomics," Office of Management and Budget director Mick Mulvaney announced last week, according to The Hill. "You go back and look at what Reagan did in the '80s and the challenges they faced, and … we looked at the challenges we face."

That challenge? Achieve three percent economic growth, a touch below the nation's historic average of 3.5 percent but a massive increase over the anemic two percent growth under former President Barack Obama.

Obama was the first leader in American history to never see a single year of 3 percent growth under his watch.

Even Jimmy Carter topped that number — and he drove the economy into the dirt!

And much like President Ronald Reagan had to clean up Carter's mess, Trump is here to sweep up after Obama's sad legacy of liberal over-regulation and Big Government spending.

If Trump can pull it off despite resistance from obstructionist Democrats in Congress, there would be an immediate and lasting effect that would benefit every single American.

A difference between two percent and three percent growth is a $16 trillion jump in our gross domestic product over 10 years, according to White House estimates.

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