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Forging neighborhood relationships and alliances may be the only way to survive when SHTF

• by JD Heyes

But the reality is, those men and women are so few and far between, they barely register as a percentage of the population.

Then again, movies features average Joes and Janes who muddle their way through life as little more than cannon fodder when stuff hits the fan wouldn't do too well at the box office. And yet, that is a more accurate depiction of the general public.

Because they have become more attuned to the world around them, with its political unrest and violence, economic uncertainty, threat of global war, pandemics, natural disasters — more people than ever have taken up the "prepper" lifestyle. Americans especially have taken the time to learn new skills that will help them better survive societal chaos or apocalyptic events.

But there's a reality about that, too, that most people need to come to grips with: Despite your additional skills, most are never going to be that movie hero or heroine who can kick everyone's butt.

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