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Poll: Most Americans Want a Third Party… Seem to Forget LP Exists


A recent poll by icitizen shows that of 1,176 respondents, 70% said the two current major political parties do not represent them well.

The poll mostly focused on the opportunity or need for change within, or possibly outside of, the Democratic party. Democrats (75%) and Independents (81%) were the most interested in looking outside the two party system for candidates. But that doesn't necessarily mean the Liberty movement needs only to look to the left for new support.

According to one of the poll's many questions, 29% of Republicans are "likely" to consider voting third party when President Trump runs for re-election in 2020. This is part of the huge, 58% of Americans who said they are likely to consider voting third party come the next election. When the wording is made more harsh the tally drops off, but not discouragingly. 32% said they were "very likely" to consider a third party option for president.

Even 32% dwarfs the less than 5% of the popular vote achieved by the Libertarian Party last year.

It certainly seems like the opportunity of 2016 was a lost one.

Of those who are dis-infatuated with the two party system, unsurprisingly, many are millennials. 84% of millennials polled said that they believed a third party is necessary to the american electoral system. 88% said they were in support of a viable third party being a part of the current two sided system.

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