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Save Time and Money With Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

• by Brett and Kate McKay

But, you know, not everyone is a burrito person. Some folks like to have their meat and cheese wedged between layers of bread. And even burrito die-hards sometimes get the urge to stray and add some variety in their life. So today we're back with a tutorial on how to save time and money with another morning mealtime favorite: the breakfast sandwich.

These babies are even easier to make than the burritos, and you really can't beat a breakfast sandwich. Sausage, egg, and cheese all held together by a warm biscuit or English muffin. It's great to eat on the go or even while you're relaxing on a Saturday morning in your sweatpants while you join your kids in watching Paw Patrol (Adventure Bay: A city that relies on puppies and a ten-year-old boy for their emergency services).

You could swing by McDonald's or a convenience store and pick up a breakfast sandwich, but that won't save you much time (there's the drive there and back, and then you have to wait in line) and as we'll see, it'll cost almost 3X as much as the homemade variety.

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