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Disney sued for allegedly spying on children through apps

•, International Business Times

The lawsuit is directed at Disney and three software developers: Upsight, Unity and Kochava. According to the complaint, those companies developed apps designed for kids for Disney that could track and collect personal information and online behavior from users.

Forty-two apps are listed in the lawsuit, which was brought by a San Francisco woman named Amanda Rushing. According to her, she was unaware that the mobile game "Disney Princess Palace Pets" was collecting data from her child and selling that data to third-parties for targeted advertising.

Disney and the other defendants named in the suit are accused of violating the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). Enacted by the United States Congress in 1999, the law was designed to protect the privacy of children online.

Under COPPA, apps designed for audiences of children age 13 or younger are required to get consent from parents or legal guardians before collecting any personally identifying information from the user.