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Mutant Yippies, LSD, and Cyberpunks: The Story of the Space Age Newspaper 'High Frontiers'

•, Roisin Kiberd

-- The header on the front page of the first edition of High Frontiers. Distributed in early 80s San Francisco, the first edition was a DIY affair, but it launched with a deep-rooted sense of cosmic purpose.

Thirty-three years ago, a sometime punk, occasional Yippie, and full-time internet weirdo—the godfather of all internet weirdos, perhaps—R U Sirius, known IRL as Ken Goffman, founded High Frontiers, the San Francisco-based publication which would later be known as Mondo 2000. Sirius's CV is extravagant and varied: at various times he has edited technology journals, appeared in arthouse cinema, created music with a band named 'Mondo Vanilli,' hosted podcasts, and at one point co-authored a book with psychonaut philosopher Timothy Leary*, despite the latter's death halfway through the project (1998's fittingly titled Design for Dying). In the year 2000, Sirius also ran for president, with the campaign line " Victory over horseshit! Mock the vote!"