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H.R. McMaster is No James Mattoon Scott


Make no mistake about this fact, the top gun and National-Security Adviser is working overtime to destroy the America First movement from within the oval office. President Trump is being engineered into an isolated and solitary confinement with the maneuvers of palace revolutionary traitors. Why Trump allows this obvious undermining of his authority is problematic and obscenely distressing to all his enthusiastic supporters who put him in office. Can Trump be so blinded with the stars on a military uniform that his judgment does not see that the establishment is determined to annihilate his stated policy resets or is he just succumbing to the toxic encirclement from the DC swamp?

Well the title of an essay from the Great American Daily, You'll Never Believe Who Just Emerged As The Biggest Threat To Trump's Presidency, is entirely evident. "National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster is firing Trump loyalists on the National Security Council and replacing them with establishment hacks", is the only White House leak that is not fake news.

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