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MXene Combines Supercapacitor Tech With Large Format EV Batteries

•, by Mark Kane

The apparent key to solve the problem of uber-fast charging is to use a highly conductive, two-dimensional material called MXene. The team has demonstrated charging of thin MXene electrodes in tens of milliseconds.

At the same time, MXene will allow the storage of much more energy than conventional supercapacitors, (although the presser is silent about how much more). So for now it's open question whether MXene has the potential to beat well known lithium–titanate chemistry.

For now we will keep it in the theoretical category for EV commercialization.

There could be plenty of applications for recharging in minutes (at least at an affordable price), but we are not sure whether we can sacrifice any range in a electric vehicle application to solve the high-power requirement for that kind of charging (5 minutes recharge of 50 kWh pack needs 600 kW of power).

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