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The War On Whites Goes Global


Whether is the George Soros inspired riots in Charlottesville, or it is the Lipton Tea plantations in South Africa, whites are under attack and the globalists are behind it.

More than 2,000 workers have lost their jobs in the latest South African "land reform" project, which seizes white farms and hands them over to black Africans. Case in point, one of the country's largest tea plantations, formerly run by Lipton Teas international, has totally collapsed into weeds after less than ten years in ANC's  black rule following the land seizures of white farms.

From Greg Stanton:

"The President of South Africa made (March of 2017) a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans."

Attorney For Freedom