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Are You Toilet Paper Prepared (TPP'd)?

•, Backdoor Survival

Lack of sanitation has caused the death of more people worldwide than all of the wars in human history combined. Many of those deaths were due to poor sanitation methods and lack of understanding of diseases and how they link to poor hygiene.

So why is it that those who live in prosperous countries do so little about that aspect of self-reliance?Sanitation is such a vital part of survival yet do we consider it a vital part of our survival preps….at least enough to have a year's supply of toilet paper and other sanitation supplies as well as "cleanliness" knowledge?

I'm making an educated guess here that only a tiny percentage of preppers have a years' supply of this indispensable commodity.

We have all seen the frantic rush to the super market when a snowstorm is predicted. Those TP rolls just fly off of the shelves.

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