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Can Medical Cannabis Benefit Diabetics?

•, By Jennifer Daluro

Cannabis is a very controversial plant. On one hand, it is illegal in most places. Possessing and using it even medicinally can land you in heaps of legal troubles. On the other hand, cannabis does have a lot of medicinal benefits. Research studies and anecdotal stories have already shown cannabis' potential to help a variety of illnesses – from seizures not responding to conventional antiepileptic therapy to chronic pain not relieved by strong painkillers.

Cannabis, as numerous studies have also shown, can even benefit diabetic patients. Below are some ways that medical cannabis can benefit diabetics.

Reduce Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance occurs when our cells' can't absorb insulin, the main hormone that transports glucose into the cells for conversion into energy. But with our cells rejecting insulin, glucose is left accumulating in the blood, resulting in increased blood sugar level and thicker blood consistency which can lead to medical complications.

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