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The Left Didn't Mind Fascism Before The Election- Obama and Svoboda


What a difference a year makes. From a goofy Reality TV style election to outright chaos in the streets. I'm sure many on the Left would love to return to those Barack Obama days, when they had an iron grip on the culture war with little to no push-back.

I'll admit myself those days were much more domestically peaceful. We weren't so blatantly pit against each other. Nazi (or Nazi Sympathizer) wasn't a buzzword to describe everybody you disagree with. Fascism was the least of the Left's worries. Not that it was never an issue, they just didn't care when their side did it.

Look long and hard at the below picture.

Do you know who is pictured on this hanging banner? Do you know where it hangs? Do you know why? Your answer is likely, "I don't know, but I have a feeling I'm about to find out." Right you are.

Who: The banner is of Stepan Bandera. Bandera was the leader of a Nationalist movement during WWII, who was allied with the German Nazis and was responsible for the murders of thousands of Poles and Jews. The group was called the OUN, or Organisation of Ukrainian Nationalists. He sought for ideological and ethnic cleansing in the Soviet Union.

Where: In the Kiev City Council building in Ukraine.

Why: Nationalists and Fascists overthrew their government.

Now begs the question of, how did this happen? It began in 2014 with the coup in Ukraine. This revolution was not fought by freedom loving revolutionaries that the media portrayed them to be. They were Fascists known as The Svoboda Party, and the Obama Administration supported them.

Obama's choice news outlet The Huffington Post wrote:

Appearing to view the ceasefire mainly as a setback in its economic and proxy war against Russia, the U.S. has responded by sending military aid to Ukraine, along with troops to train the new forces that Ukraine's new leaders recruited from neo-Nazi militias and Ukrainian nationalists when they realized they could not count on the Ukrainian military to wage and win a war against its own people.

This in turn led to the Russian annexation of Crimea, home to many Krymchaks (Jewish ethno-communities) and ethnic Russians.

Newsweek wrote that Vladimir Putin warned of "Phantom Fascists" to stoke fear for support of the annexation. It's possible that Newsweek is correct that the annexation was opportunistic. However Newsweek is entirely wrong about something else. Those weren't "Phantom Fascists" that overthrew the government. It actually happened. Those were very real Fascists. Putin is right on that account.


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