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Intel AI accelerator capable of Trillion operations per second per watt

• by brian wang

Myriad X is world's first system-on-chip (SOC) shipping with a dedicated Neural Compute Engine for accelerating deep learning inferences at the edge. The Neural Compute Engine is an on-chip hardware block specifically designed to run deep neural networks at high speed and low power without compromising accuracy, enabling devices to see, understand and respond to their environments in real time. With the introduction of the Neural Compute Engine, the Myriad X architecture is capable of 1 TOPS (Trillion operations per second) of compute performance on deep neural network inferences.

In designing Myriad X, El-Ouazzne said, "We were looking to anything that allows us to increase the performance of neural networks without increasing power."

With many more hardware acceleration blocks, Myriad X architecture can do 1 trillion operations per second (TOPS) of compute performance on deep-neural network inferences, said El-Ouazzane. "And we keep it within a watt." This is "an order of magnitude" faster than Myriad 2, he added.