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BMW Defends Diesel, Pushes Forward With Electrification. Hrm…

•, by Mark Kane

This brings out a lot of mixed emotions for us, as truthfully, we loathe diesel promotion (or really even just straight ICE technology), but at the same time, BMW is also the most advanced "traditional" OEM when it comes to plug-in offerings (9), and overall plug-in market share inside the brand (up to 5%).  So we can't hate on the promotion of diesel inside BMW's rapidly shrinking non plug-in business too much.

BMW said that this year that will sell more than 100,000 all-electric or plug-in hybrid cars (offering nine BMW i or iPerformance models in total).

At the same time, the German manufacturer publicly defends Euro 6 standards diesel, because those engines "are just as clean or even cleaner than petrol engines".

We rightfully can't understand why one would want to promote diesel at the same time as plug-ins, especially considering the fallout from diesel of late (and falling sales), but we suspect it has something to do with putting a brave face on current product offerings…and also supporting those offerings which are too far along in BMW's product development cycle to stop.

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