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America Has Stage Four Cancer and It Is Called "Google"


A funny thing happened on the way to reporting on the Presidential assassination, the Fema-camp-style roundup of the American people for "incorrect political views", America's latest war of military occupation, the monopolization of all e-commerce by delisting all non-referred competitors and transpiring event and an unmitigated  genocide, Google was the only voice left to speak and "the people" never learned of these implending and/or transpiring events. Why? Because Google had eliminated all competition, whether they be conservative and even liberal.

This article will briefly review Google's illlegal and unwarranted censorship of the Independent Media from it search engines and on Youtube. There is a stunning revelation that Google's censorship extends far beyond eliminating the message from the conservative right, it extends to all of the media in one form or another.

There is not a conservative outlet from The Common Sense Show to the Hagmann Report to Steve Quayle to Mike Adams and Natural News that has not felt the sting Google's long and powerful reach. On Youtube, their Google-controlled censorship has eliminated 90% of the profits of several channels on Youtube.

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