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The Governments Manufactured Hate Crisis CONFIRMED AND EXPOSED


Welcome back beautiful and amazing human beings!

I wanted to preface this article with a video showing you how a police officer physically assaulted me. The reason for this is because we're about to get into a crucial topic about everything that's happening behind the scenes in the upsurge of violence that we see on the streets in the United States. We investigate governments manufactured hate crisis.

This video took place during Occupy Wall Street protests where my friends and I thought we saw a police officer dressed up as an Anti-Fa. We began filming him, and then he jumped over a barricade and punched me because I was filming him.

I know he was a police officer because I chased him down the street screaming at police officers to arrest the man who just physically punched me.

"This man just assaulted me can you guys please take care of him. Just assaulted me I have it on video. Guys this guy just assaulted me." To which no surprise to me at all the police officers just let him go. I didn't stop and followed this man for a block and a half with other police officers letting him go away until he went behind police lines to fully avoid me. I also saw the same man later that night at the protest and confronted him again. This time he had to run into a police vehicle to escape me.

Now the reason I'm bringing this up is that I saw an old 1969 COINTELPRO document that was declassified it specified how the US government needed to exacerbate racial tensions on purpose. All of this was done to weaken the anti-war movement. You can see the document in full which will be in the description below. Does that remind you of anything that could be possibly happening today?

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