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No Machine Should Ever Possess 'Rights' Or 'Eternal' Significance

• by Wesley Smith

Their extremely low view of humanity leads them to think that we can and should be 'engineered' like any other element of the system of the world  ? TN Editor

Efforts to expand rights beyond the human realm are ubiquitous and reflect, in my view, a deep misanthropy and a threat to universal human rights.

That includes the movement to declare sophisticated artificial intelligent machines ("strong AI," not yet here) to be "persons," entitled to entry into the moral community. Today, there is an extensive discussion of this meme in Religion & Politics. From, "As Artificial Intelligence Advances, What are Its Religious Implications?":

This strong AI, also known as artificial general intelligence (AGI), has not yet been achieved, but would, upon its arrival, require a rethinking of most qualities we associate with uniquely human life: consciousness, purpose, intelligence, the soul—in short, personhood. If a machine were to possess the ability to think like a human, or if a machine were able to make decisions autonomously, should it be considered a person?