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Peace Revolution episode 093: Liberty and Economics | Part 1: Philosophy

•,by The Peace Revolution Podcast

(0-5mins) Rep Alan Grayson: "Which Foreigners Got the Fed's $500,000,000,000?" Bernanke: "I Don't Know." on 1/2 Trillion Missing

(5m-10m) Ron Paul, Voluntaryist

(10m-10m30s) Ayn Rand | The Final Struggle between Capitalism and Socialism

(10m30s-14m) Welfare State in Social Democracy

(14m-16m) Bernie Sanders Healthcare

(16m-17m) Milton Friedman response to Sanders

(17m-21m) Benefits Cap is forcing me to Work – UK

(21m-22m) Murray Rothbard | The Libertarian Solution to Welfare

(22m-23m) What is Laissez Faire Economics?

(23m-26m) Why Work? Welfare Addiction in Handout-Hungry UK

(26m-37m) Milton Friedman| The Roots of the Welfare State

(37m-42m) 9 Trillion Missing from Federal Reserve Bank says the Fed Inspector General

(42m-43m) Murray Rothbard | The Death of Keynesian Economics

(43m-51m) A Libertarian View of Welfare | John Stossel & Friends on Fox News

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