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Agenda 2030 Means that Google Will Rule the Entire Planet by 2030


The Man In the High Castle

Amazon Prime has produced an outstanding original TV series, called The Man In the High Castle.  The TV show alters history and the winners of World War II are the Nazis and the Japanese. In the show, America is carved up among the winners and the occupation of the United States is brutal and complete.

In the show, every facet of 1962 American life is controlled by the occupation. All school curriculum is based on the Hitler Youth Movement. History is rewritten. Jazz music is banned because the Nazis associate the music as belonging to Blacks and Blacks, since the time of the Munich Olympics are viewed with disdain because Jesse Owens destroyed the master race myth. All movies, TV shows and available books are controlled for content by the ruling authority.

In the show, the Japanese rule the western states and the Germans rule the rest of the country. There is no real system of justice. When a suspected infraction is suspected, the secret police are dispatched and these agents become the judge, jury and executioner and the  "guilty" are executed on the spot. The best a person under suspicion can hope for is to be jailed and tortured. Then, forced confessions are followed by execution. The stakes are also high for the occupying forces as the Japanese occupation leadership is forced to commit suicide if they lose face because of an action of resistance by dissident Americans. In these cases, the Germans murder their own.

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