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Second Major American City Facing Destruction Inside of Two Weeks


Weaponized Weather Leads to Manufactured Weather Events

Weaponized Weather is one of the last tools that the elite have left that is devastatingly functional and that the majority of the public does not have the "expertise" to judge the validity of weather wars.

To anyone is well-versed by now that HAARP facilities can and subsequently do generate millions of watts of ELF waves that can excite and subsequently move the jet stream, which in effect would alter the weather for the worse.

I previous wrote an article where I partially detailed the patents behind weather and earthquake technology. The interesting fact is that the Air Force is in total control of the technology. When one combines thee revelation that the technology exists to produce earthquakes and hurricanes, combined with the irregular and devastating weather patterns, it is impossible to conclude that these events are not being artificially manuractured for some political motive.

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