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Users Freak Out After Dark Web Market Goes Down And Funds Go Missing


Some users of the popular dark web drug marketplace Dream Market are complaining that their Bitcoin wallets are empty after an hours-long outage on Wednesday.

The Dream Market went down for several hours, prompting the usual whispers of an exit scam—a popular type of fraud where dark web operators shut down the site and disappear with all the users' Bitcoins—or a law enforcement takeover. A few hours later, however, the market came back up. But several users are claiming that their accounts are now empty of funds. On Dream Market, just like other similar sites, buyers first transfer their cryptocurrency into a Dream Market account. Rather than sending funds directly to the seller's wallet, the cryptocurrency is held in escrow by Dream Market until after the sale.

"I bet these assholes just earnt a fortune," wrote a user in the official Dream Market forum. "maintenance my ass. its not even safe to have $10 in youre account and were supposed to trust them with $$$$$$$ ? fuck that. FUCK DREAM."

The operators of the site, however, are blaming both the outage and the disappeared funds on a "hard drive crash."

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