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An Alleged Ethereum Hacker Gave Back $3 Million And Nobody Knows Why


If a hacker manages to steal millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency and get away with it, why would they ever give it back? 

That's what critics and observers are wondering after a hacker who allegedly stole millions of dollars worth of ether—Ethereum's currency—returned $3 million USD of the stolen funds to the victim, months after it disappeared. Why? Frankly, nobody knows. 

In July, Ethereum app company CoinDash launched a much-hyped fundraiser. During the Initial Coin Offering, investors were invited to send ether to a company-owned Ethereum address in return for CoinDash tokens. But, just as the ICO launched, an alleged hacker replaced the CoinDash address on the company's website with one that the hacker controlled. In just a few minutes, victims sent over $7 million USD worth of ether to the fake address. The price of ether increased between mid-July and mid-September, making that pot of stolen funds much more valuable—over $10 million at today's prices. 

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