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"Yes" Vote for Iraqi Kurdistan: A New Chaos Is Redefining Middle East Borders

• by Elijah Magnier

Despite the announcement of the Iraqi Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani that the referendum is only the beginning of a negotiation with the central government in Baghdad (and not a "divorce" from the state of Iraq), he hopes (and most probably knows) that independence will be recognized as a fact by the international community sooner or later.

For certain, this referendum – if its result is implemented – can lead to a redefinition of the map of the Middle East, and the countries of Iraq and Syria to start with where Kurds in both countries control enough energy resources to sustain their "state". Leaders around the world said, during the war in Syria, that the Middle East would never return as it was to before 2011, probably referring to the "Islamic State" (ISIS) occupation of large part of Syria and Iraq. But today, their prediction may come true through the Kurds – even though the "Islamic State" (ISIS) "project" failed to reach its objective, that of dividing Syria and Iraq.

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