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Economic Winter Is Coming...

•, By: Chris Mullen

I was able to participate in and share small spaces with many interesting viewpoints. Some, like Doug Casey, echoed back to days from over a decade ago when I saw him speak in Vancouver to a much larger packed house. Others were brand new to me, like Colin Cantrell, who explained how bitcoin is run by 7-8 mining pools that currently control the market and how he is developing tech to break this control. Sound familiar, Gold Seekers?

What struck me most was the libertarian values that most, if not nearly all there, identified with. One can debate gold vs. bitcoin and passionately disagree, as Schiff v. Keiser did Friday afternoon (View the debate 3 plus hours into the youtube link of 9/21/17 Pt. 2 below). But no matter what detail you can find to disagree about, you can also boil down to the basic ideals that you do agree about: Liberty, freedom, decentralization, and protecting the rights of the individual.

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