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Minimalist Family Sells Everything For Bitcoin Hoping it Pays Off


Some people are very passionate about bitcoin, and then some people are really big believers in the cryptocurrency revolution. One such person is 39-year-old, Didi Taihuttu, a Netherlands native that's been selling everything he owns including his home and valuable belongings for bitcoin.

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This Family Is Selling Everything They Own for Bitcoin

Taihuttu and his family are making a name for themselves across social media and within the cryptocurrency community. This past summer Taihuttu and his wife decided to sell a lot of their valuable belongings such as their home, children's toys, and vehicles so they can accumulate bitcoin. The family currently resides in a campground located in the Netherlands, but the Taihuttu family often travels around the world living a minimalist lifestyle.            

"People will say, 'You're crazy'," Taihuttu explains during an interview this week. "But we are an adventurous family and are going to gamble for a moment to live minimalist lives. If you never take a risk, life is boring."  

Taihuttu believes that bitcoin will transform modern society and thinks the decentralized asset will revolutionize global finance. According to him, bitcoin is very similar to how the Internet brought society a new perspective towards information. "I think that blockchain and cryptocurrency are revolutionising the monetary system," says Taihuttu.

Minimalist Family Sells Everything for Bitcoin Hoping It Pays Off

The crypto-minimalist and his family put up their Venlo property for 85 BTC and Taihuttu also sold his 11-year-old business so he could travel with his children. Taihuttu says he's been into bitcoin since 2010 and set up a mining operation with a friend soon after. The Venlo native said when the price spiked in 2013 he sold all of his bitcoins. At the time Taihuttu thought it was the right decision stating;    

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