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Blockbuster: Russian Satellite Proof, America is ISIS!

•, By Gordon Duff

[ Editor's Note 2: Gordon went to the Russian ministry of defense to get the best quality photos, as they are needed to drive home two messages. One is that we have photographic proof of US advisers, Special Ops, or whatever you want to call them seeming to be able to operate inside and/or near ISIS held areas.

Or two, these ISIS held areas can sometimes be SDF people dressed up as ISIS, depending what central casting in Hollywood has called up for the extras to dress as for the day.

But there is a third questions. The Russians have obviously had these photos for days and maybe even weeks now, so why have they been hiding them at this critical stage of the war with the SDF now coming deep into traditional Arab territory in what is clearly and army of conquest now, with the US fully onboard.

With ISIS pushed out of so many areas, and so many of the killed, or "gone to Idlib", who do we see Damascus showing signs of a shortage of manpower. I watched a video of SAA troops opening an new flank on Saquir Island south of Deir Ezzor. They were using on rubber boat being pulled back with a rope to shuttle troop across a narrow water barrier.

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