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The Bromance Between Donald Trump And Rand Paul Heats Up During Golf Summit

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After Trump signed what Paul called "the biggest free-market reform of health care in a generation," the men met on the golf course this morning to discuss a variety of major political issues over 18 holes.

Paul said that the men discussed several things during the golf summit, and went into specifics regarding tax and healthcare policy.

"I really think that we've gotta do the most we can and the boldest we can because we need to compete with all these other countries," Paul said regarding tax reform. "Everybody's lowering their corporate tax. Some are worried, 'Oh if we do a 20 percent corporate tax' – my goodness, Ireland is at 12 [percent], thinking about going to 8. You've got Canada at 15. We really, you know, need to do it. And I think [President Trump] wants it to be as big and bold as possible."

Regarding healthcare policy, Paul was still giddy over the executive order that Trump signed last week to give better healthcare options for American consumers.

"I'm really excited about letting people buy across state lines," Paul said. "The interesting thing about this is half the people in our country get their insurance through ERISA (the Employee Retirement Income Security Act) already. So Amazon, Pepsi, Coke, Microsoft, MGM, big companies all get their insurance across state lines through ERISA plans. Now, we're going to let individuals get the same thing."

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