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Joby Weeks gets Peter Schiff to read Satoshi's white paper


I commend Peter for showing up to Nexus and for having the juevos to present his contrarian views to the masses on television.   I do agree with many points Peter makes on crypto, particularly when he points out that just because bitcoin was first doesn't mean it will be the only one standing at the end of the day.  Coincidentally enough, I met Tone Vays today and he would whole heartedly disagree with me on this, but one has to admire someone willing to go down with the ship. Alta Vista search browser was first, but now pretty much everyone uses google thanks to In-Q-Tel CIA money.  Hopefully the guys at Presearch can pull off the decentralized "google killer" but thats another topic for another day.

I think where Peter misses the boat, is his dismissive attitude towards crypto's and blockchain technology in general. While this conference was going on, Peter's Puerto Rican based businesses couldn't operate due to hurricane Maria taking out Puerto Rico's power and internet infrastructure.  

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