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Comment by Ed Price
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Why Hillary and Bill will get away with it

The Clintons are attorneys. As attorneys they have found out what many attorneys know, but few will advertise for fear of losing their jobs. Here’s what it is. Only human beings can make a claim in court.

What is so important about this? A claim supersedes a complaint.

To start, if anybody tries to take the Clintons to court, it will be a government official, and the indictment will be a complaint in the name THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA or (A NAMED AGENCY) OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. In other words, on the complaint indictment, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will be the plaintiff, and the Clintons will be the defendants.

When this happens, all that the Clintons will have to do is file a claim right inside of the case against them (the same way that they might file a motion), stating that they claim that nobody will come forth and take the stand, and make a claim of harm or damage (injury) against them, with the Clintons as the people doing the injury. But if anybody does, the Clintons are willing to pay whatever it takes to fix the injury.

How will this protect the Clintons? At least two ways. Number One: The law explicitly states that in a claim suit (the Clintons converted it by their filing, from a complaint to a claim), there must be evident harm or damage (injury), or there is no claim. Number Two: The law explicitly states that the plaintiff must appear in court, take the oath or affirmation, get on the stand, produce or show the injury, and proclaim how the defendants did the injury, along with witnesses and evidence. Since THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is the plaintiff, this will never happen. Paperwork can’t get on the stand and proclaim anything. Attorneys for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA can’t speak in a claim case (although they could if it was simply a complaint case), unless they have first-hand knowledge. But if they have first-hand knowledge, then they must file claims as plaintiffs against the Clintons, and not as attorneys, and the original case is over with.

In addition, if necessary, the Clintons can rescind their signatures off any document that they want, from its inception, thereby making the document, and the Clintons’ guilt, null and void. This is dangerous for them, but properly used, it can be beneficial. But, if they did this regarding paperwork that they signed while in office, just think of the turmoil it would cause among the nations of the world.

If Government goes after their DNC group, they will simply claim ownership of DNC as their property. Government’s complaint will be thwarted, again, by a new Clinton claim.

The point is that the attorneys working for the Government know all this. So, they will advise against taking the Clintons to court.

Here is what you can do, if you can do it. If you have been injured by the Clintons in some way, be it personal injury or property damage... and if you can provide witnesses and incontrovertible evidence... you as a man/woman can file a claim against them. But this is the only way they will ever be beaten. Trouble is, you might not live long enough to make it to court.

As a side note, imagine how you can use this info if any Government agency attacks you. But study up on it before you do it this way, because you will have to go into court without representation, even of yourself. And you will have to do it without using the Latin that is used in court, like pro se, or propria persona or sui juris. If you are going to do this, think real hard first.

Comment by chris gill
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face it. the DNC, the socialist liberals, RINO's, MSM the paid off FBI and DOJ members (paid by the Clinton foundation) would rather see the US shut down and got to war than see themselves prosecuted for their crimes. At best they will allow a few toadies to roast. A lot will be said, much of it proved yet little to nothing get done.

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