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Libertarians Were Not Wrong About School Choice

•, by Corey DeAngelis

The effects of school choice on test scores are positive but not astronomical. However, that does not mean that "libertarians were really wrong about school vouchers," as journalist Megan McArdle claimed at the Bloomberg View. On the contrary, the overall evidence is largely in favor of school choice. 

And it is not even close.

School Choice Leads to Better Personal Choices

The long-term effects of school choice programs in the U.S. reveal large gains to individual children and the societies in which they reside. The only gold-standard studylinking private school choice to high school graduation finds that the children using the D.C. voucher program are 30 percent more likely to graduate from high school than their public school peers. That effect is huge. And it has significant implications for children's life trajectories. Graduating from high school leads to higher income levels and a lower likelihood of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

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