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The Balfour Declaration: World Zionism and World War I

By Adeyinka Makinde, November 03, 2017

If Jewish leaders such as Chaim Weizmann could call on the Jewish Diaspora in America to use their influence to bring the United States into the war to rescue a desperate situation, then Britain would do what it could to help bring to fruition the Zionist dream of a Jewish state in Palestine.

UN Panel: Sanctions Needed Against Israel to Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine

By Darius Shahtahmasebi, November 03, 2017

The U.N. recently launched a scathing critique of Israel's occupation when the U.N. rapporteur for human rights in the occupied territories delivered a report condemning Israel's conduct to date.

The Toxic Legacy of Balfour and British Colonialism in Israel-Palestine

By Richard Silverstein, November 03, 2017

Balfour himself was not a Zionist.  He didn't even like Jews.  Nor did most of the British élite of the day.  Youssef Munayer even calls Balfour a "white supremacist," which is precisely right.

Balfour Declaration: Britain Broke Its Feeble Promise to the Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook, November 02, 2017

Britain assisted the Zionists as best it could, given the need to weigh its imperial interests. Restrictions on immigration were introduced under the severe strain of a three-year armed uprising by Palestinians, determined to prevent their country being given away.

Hamas: Balfour Declaration Crime of Century

By The Palestinian Information Center, November 01, 2017

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