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Cop Belligerently Threatening Man During Traffic Stop Shows Why People Don't Trust Police


Ed Edge got an unexpected apology from the Pennsylvania State Highway Patrol after video of one of their officers conducting a traffic stop harassing and threatening Edge went viral. The video, which Edge recorded using car-mounted dash cameras, depicted Patrolman Watkins giving Edge a tongue-lashing, for being rather respectful for all intents and purposes.

Edge uploaded the video to his Facebook page on October 5th, just four days after the October 1st Vegas shooting, which probably limited the number of views of his recording. Nevertheless, the video did go viral, racking up over 2 million views.

The vegan restaurant owner was pulled over by Prl. Watkins and told he was following too closely to the car in front of him. He was asked to produce his license, registration, and insurance, a request which appeared to confuse the Pittsburgh resident. He told Watkins "that might be a hard one," as he explained he rented the car from an "online company."

Watkins, seemingly confused by Edge's accent, asked for clarification. "You're supposed to have that on you," the trooper said before asking where Edge was headed. After Edge explained he lives in Philadelphia, that's when it happened. The officer began an attitude with the motorist, who was apparently complying with all of the trooper's lawful requests.

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