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1,200 Percent Increase of Weed Killer in Your Body

•, By Dr. Mercola

In the U.S., over 1.6 billion kilograms of the chemical have been applied since 1974, with researchers stating that, in 2014 alone, farmers sprayed enough glyphosate to apply 0.8 pound per acre on every 2.47 acres of U.S. cultivated cropland along with 0.47 pounds/acre on all cropland globally.1

It's a mind-boggling amount of usage for one agricultural chemical, and it was only a matter of time before the wide-reaching environmental and public health implications became apparent.

Monsanto advertised Roundup as "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly," even going so far as to claim it "left the soil clean" — until they were found guilty of false advertising because the chemical is actually dangerous to the environment.2 It's also increasingly showing up in people, at alarming levels, with unknown effects on human health.

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