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"Hero" Says "Suspicion is a Misdemeanor"


Here's a video taken of another "hero" law enforcer who makes up "the law" on the spot!

A guy is filming the publicly visible exterior of a police station from a public sidewalk – which is (for the moment) abundantly legal – when he is approached by two confrontational "heroes" who – of course – demand his ID, Soviet-style.

Not because the man is committing a crime – but because he is challenging the authority of the "heroes." It is time, therefore, for a Dominance Display.

The fact that this sort of thing is has become routine in the United States says a lot about the state of the United States, which is no longer even plausibly a "free" country. It is a country in which lawless law enforcers do as they please – insolently – because they are confident that there will be no meaningful repercussions, no matter what they do.

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