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Blockchain Russia - Rising Block By Block.

•, Paul Goncharoff

Never let it be said that Russians lack applied creative imagination. Hollywood-style PR and similar glitzy aggressive marketing while in the works, will no doubt catch up over time. It is no wonder given the brains and skills of the country that blockchain and the crypto-currencies universe have a distinct Russian flavor all the way to their roots.

One of Russia's pet peeves voiced many times over the years is the unipolar character of world relations led by the US and followed almost lockstep by the EU and other fiat currency-dependent countries. Trust has been quickly eroding, and not just between Russia and the US, but throughout the warp and weft of many nations and their societies especially in this "leaks-era". A person or a nation can make themselves out to be a hero, a saint, say the 'right' words, define life from a pedestal, paint or film a rosy picture, but at the end of the day if you don't "walk the walk", falling from any pedestal can be a hard landing.

It is no wonder that throughout the world blockchain promises to rapidly fill a much needed void in the trust space, and not just crypto-currencies, but a range of organizational as well as functional elements affecting economics, societies and governments.

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