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CRISPR muscle boosting gene therapy at few thousand dollars per year will go mainstream

• by brian wang

He has injected himself with performance enhancing gene therapy to grow larger muscles.

He is selling a $20 myostatin inhibitor plasmid. This must be combined with a $300 gRNA in a plasmid that also expresses Cas9 which an be ordered online.

Odin sells other gene kits.

He has a DIY human CRIPR DNA guide.

Most all CRISPR systems are composed of 2-3 components
1. The Cas9 protein which cuts the DNA
2. The tracrRNA and crRNA, which when synthetically combined are called a "guide RNA" but also called sgRNA(synthetic guide RNA) or gRNA
4. The template for repair if doing homology directed repair

For each CRISPR experiment you need to figure out before you start
1. Where in the genome will this happen?
2. What do I want to put into the genome or what base changes do I want to make?

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