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The Real Reason the Media Pushes "Sexual Liberation"


Individual freedom terrifies those in power. But it is an innate desire that cannot be suppressed. Therefore the media attempts to replace the drive for personal liberation with sexual liberation.

It is a carnal animalistic type of "freedom" that those in power want you to focus on. They promote a temporary feeling, a fleeting pleasure. Individual freedom is about building your future. Sexual freedom is about living in the moment.

Living in the moment is not always a bad thing. But doing something in the moment that puts your future at risk is problematic. What the media calls sexual freedom really means sluttiness. And that is a threat to your health, your emotional well-being, and your future happiness.

I talked about this before, when analyzing an article which claimed women under the Socialist Soviet regime had better sex lives. Living in a socialist hell, I'm not surprised sex was the only outlet for freedom, the only escape from the dreariness of daily poverty and oppression. That was the only type of "freedom" women could enjoy. It was crumbs of freedom thrown out to distract from the true loss of every other type of liberty.

And now, Vice published an article called The Beauty and Splendor of Being a Slut. In it, the author estimates that he has had sex with somewhere between 1,200 and 3,500 men in his life. I don't even want to repeat most of the things he says in his article. But it is full of him claiming that meaningless sex can fill some void in your life. He says the momentary connection is real and worth it, even if the stranger "zips up, and leaves," just after. He claims that sex with strangers and one time encounters in bathroom stalls can be liberating. He says you can share something deep in those moments.

The author complains that another writer who confessed his high number of sexual partners was met with comments:

…attributing his number to low standards and self-esteem, even supposed "mental health issues,"… Sex-positive commenters emerged as well, praising his honesty while dismissing the puritans. But I can only imagine what those closed-minded moralists would say to me.

But this is not about morals or a Puritan stance. It is about seeing the folly in major publications encouraging behavior which is very likely to lead to disease, depression, and future relationship problems. The negative effect of the type of behavior he talks about has less to do with the philosophy or morals behind the behavior, and more to do with the real world tangible negative effects of behaving that way.

When you open up the article, a box pops up to make sure you are 18, in order to continue. This can actually have the reverse effect of keeping young eyes from the article. Advertisers commonly use the "forbidden fruit" tactic. Saying something if not suitable for people under 18 virtually guarantees people under 18 will look.

And in the midst of this trashy article, the author tells readers his sluttiness started when he was 14 years old. Vice draws a young crowd anyway, being popular among millennials. This piece is propaganda to make people feel good about plunging into a carnal cesspool of fleeting and meaningless sex.

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