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Making Sense Out of Tesla's Semi Truck Economics

• by George Bower

While the electric truck costs more, it is good for one million miles life. Even though the truck costs significantly more than its diesel counterpart, it also lasts longer – so on a cost per mile basis the increased cost is mitigated. Now add in $200,000 of fuel savings, lower maintenance costs, and platooning, and you come up with a set of numbers that agree well with Tesla's own estimated numbers.

A million miles? How can Tesla get 1 million miles out of a battery? By putting in a huge 1 Mwh battery good for 500 miles range inside. (2000 cycles of life and 500 miles range is 1 million miles!)

Cost of Cab and Trailer

The cost of the electric truck is significantly more than the Diesel. While Tesla did not reveal the cost of its truck, some analysts and journalists have pegged the cost at around $250,000.

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