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What Is Two-Factor Authentication and Why You Should Use It

• by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchie

Having a strong, unique password might not be enough if hackers trick you into giving it away or steal it from your email provider or bank.

That's why for your most sensitive accounts—think your email or banking accounts—you should set up two-factor authentication (or 2FA). This simply means adding a second step to log into your accounts. First, the password. And, second: either a code sent to your cellphone via text message, or created by a special app on your phone. Even better, the second step can be inserting a physical token such as a security key.

Hackers are getting better at phishing 2FA codes or stealing them by taking advantage of flaws in the backbone of cellular networks worldwide, known as SS7. So using security keys is the best way to make phishing practically impossible, and is the most secure way to do two-factor authentication.

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Comment by Charlie Patton
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Yup, uh-huh. And don't forget to be prepared for all your computer repair and upgrade work to cost more and take longer, as the repairman is forced to continually halt in the middle of his work to call you up and ask you for the number that just appeared on your iPhone, without which he can't proceed until you get back to him with it. And this doesn't happen once, it happens an indeterminate number of times. I'm not saying that 2FA is a bad thing, just letting you know it ain't cost-free to you.

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